External Naiad Training Resources

The following links point to various Naiad training resources, in no particular order:

Diego Trazzi's Naiad Training Videos (CMIVFX)

Igor Zanic's Fluid Underground Blog

  • The most comprehensive external Naiad resource on the web.  
  • Contains numerous demo graphs, ranging from simple to complex, and links to external training videos and articles.

Sergey Shlyaev's Naiad Tutorials 

  • In-depth tutorials and Naiad graphs
  • Explains and provides graphs for fluid morphing in Naiad, using the Point Attractor and Body Attractor techniques.

The Unofficial Naiad Forum (NEW)

  • Mark Theriault recently booted up this new community-driven Naiad forum for those who find our support forums a bit simplistic :)  We're excited about Mark's new alternate forum and will see you all over there soon!


If you have a Naiad related site, please let us know so we can add it to this list.